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THCA Disposable

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THCA 2ml Disposable
THCA Disposable
THCA Disposable
THCA 1ml Disposable
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  • 1ml to 2ml iKrushers
  • <0.3% D9 THC
  • 57% THCA 20% CBD
  • 1ml Dispo (560mg THCA - 197mg CBD - 26mg CBG - Other 22mg)
  • 2ml Dispo (1120mg THCA - 394mg CBD - 52mg CBG - Other 44mg)
  • Xenbar Pro - Anti-Clogging & Inhalation Activation
  • Live Resin or Cannabis-Derived Terpenes

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THCA 2ml Disposable
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Introducing our THCA Disposable, in 1ml and 2ml iKrusher disposables. THCa is world-renowned for its uplifting cerebral effects, but it's only activated when converted into Delta-9 THC. And that's where our Disposables come in – with a flick of a switch and just a few seconds of heat activation your THCa is converted into D9 perfect for enjoying whenever and wherever.

  • Live Resin or Cannabis-Derived Terpenes: Featuring live resin terpenes, extracted from live resin concentrate. Or CDT, also known as cannabis-derived terpenes, the highest standard in terpene extraction

Our revolutionary THCA disposables are federally legal - made from hemp and certified to the highest standard with the 2018 Farm Bill, so you can rest assured about their quality and safety. They’re small enough to fit in bags and pockets making them ideal for those on-the-go; no bulky contraptions or combustible materials required!

Product Reviews

27 reviews Write a Review
  • 5

    Thca Disposable

    Posted by J.Troutman on 9th Apr 2024

    I never do reviews but this is such a good deal and such good quality, I'm in shock.

  • 5

    Best disposable ever!

    Posted by Brandon Upchurch on 3rd Apr 2024

    Never clogged, heavy hitting. Best all around.

  • 5

    Pleasantly surprised!

    Posted by Tim Oakley on 2nd Apr 2024

    I'm not really big on carts and disposables. I was smoking on D8 carts for a few years before I even discovered that THCA was thing. The D8 always felt really harsh in my lungs, like it was doing some damage in there. So I was really happy to get back on flower and leave the carts in the past. Well, there was a delay in some flower I'd ordered from elsewhere so I ordered one of these. I only live a few hours away. If I get the order in early, I usually get it the very next day. This disposable has really surprised me. I ordered the white widow terps. Initially, the flavor was just fine. I was expecting BDTs at this price, and I was right, but they aren't bad, and these effects are on-point. And that taste has really started to grow on me. So much so that I just ordered the same terps in an 8th of the badder. And I'll likely have it by tomorrow. Sweet. It sucks that Florida is going to mess this up.

  • 4

    THCA Disposable

    Posted by Nolan Weik on 1st Apr 2024

    Good effects, clogs sometimes

  • 5

    Good effects

    Posted by Josh on 29th Mar 2024

    No complaints, good effects for the price. Will try some different terp profiles in the future

  • 4

    Grand daddy purp

    Posted by Evan on 14th Mar 2024

    Nice ikrusher hardware. It tastes sort of grassy. I'll try a different BDT profile next time. Can't beat the price

  • 5

    THCA Disposables

    Posted by Brian on 13th Mar 2024

    Tried both the runtz and the blue dream varieties. The effects are really good, both my brother and I really liked the cbd mixed with the thca. The tastes werent the best in my opinion but its bearable especially for the price.

  • 5

    Best disposable!

    Posted by Steve on 11th Mar 2024

    Literally the best disposable I’ve ever had. Non clogging which I always worry about with dispos. Even for a high tolerance user like myself the thca/cbd is good. Maybe jus requires a few more hits. And with the price point… never an issue.

  • 5


    Posted by Chloe N. on 28th Feb 2024

    Does the job. Intense flavor. Can't beat this price.

  • 5

    King loui

    Posted by Alexandra on 22nd Feb 2024

    This disposable is fire ? the terps are on point